Thursday, November 22, 2007

My moon my love

Those sleepless nights ,
I spent behind the door,
was misunderstood,neglected
but, the feelings were pure,
I wont love you my life ,
yeah will not hate you any more.....
It haunts me how ,
I made you to scare,
to toch you in dreams,
even never I did dare...
now I feel as I am a pissed off monster,
a shameless devil,
a dirty lobster.
hey, I will be the child heart
possesive as before..
I wont love you but,
will not hate you any more

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VaRtIkA said...


इश्क़ मुहब्बत वाला लौंडा जब झंडा लेकर घूमने लगा

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