Monday, November 12, 2007

philosophy..ha ha ha

Wallowed in darker moods,
despised men and all the women.
disgusted,sometime I fraternized,
to get me fallacious proven.

Now,I fear to plumb my words,
I shiver to fathom religions,
they laugh at it calling philosophy,
I fear to knock their doors.


Varun Murali said...

Hey, going through a depression or what? Why are your poems always so sad and posts full of joy?

crazy devil said...

hahaha there is nothing like depression or gloom runnning around me.

sometime knowledge detaches you from everything and makes abominate the artificiality..I penned down the feeling of such human,which unluckily depicts darkness only..

will be cheerful always..dont worry :)


लोहा, लक्कड़, ताला, चक्कर घिच-पिच कर के बैठा है बाहर से चमचम करता है दिल अंदर से ugly है मौसम, पानी, सात समंदर गलियों गलियों घूमा है...