Monday, November 12, 2007

philosophy..ha ha ha

Wallowed in darker moods,
despised men and all the women.
disgusted,sometime I fraternized,
to get me fallacious proven.

Now,I fear to plumb my words,
I shiver to fathom religions,
they laugh at it calling philosophy,
I fear to knock their doors.

I smoked ."no smoking"

When the nights got stormy,
dictionary over my table wobbled,
I peeped through it ,
for appropriate words..
alas ,have not got them yet.

I stumbled over text and pages,
pondered of joy and rages,
the fags and smoke are left,
my thirst is yet to quench..

अगर कंप्यूटर में मूवी अपलोड करे तो कंप्यूटर का वजन बढ़ता होगा क्या? ये बाइनरी डाटा कंप्यूटर में स्पेस के साथ और कौन कौन सा आयाम छेंकते हैं? ...