Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feel good

Although,the word "miracle" have different meanings in different texts and different contexts, but de facto it is anything that brings out changes in your life ,your thoughts and probably delights you for a long time.

One of my friend told me sometime back.."There may be single reason to make you feel bad,but definitely there are thousands of them to make you FEEL GOOD.I didn't appreciate this at that very moment,but lately I am surely enjoying the realisation.

Today,I was there at limdi corner with pratush tiwari,who shared few of his mountain trekking experience.Well,along with those memorable walks, he walked few more steps in the journey called life.. understanding people..Not the aam admis,but the crazy ones who never compromised on their passion.Lead their passion( trekking here) managing scraps and pieces.

Depression,frustration and sadness have always made impact on each one of us.Few of us are audacious enough to come out of it,few of us smart enough never to accept it..but many of us not brave enough to kick it out of routine life.We always have lots and lots of complain from our system,our country,our beloved ones,our friends and the vicious trap never ends.

Nature is the mother of all philosophies,all thought processes and all innovations.but,strangely we never understand the beauty of its simplicity and calmness.A rose flower never complaints if someone stares it, praises it beauty.A flowing river never ask back any glass of water and a flying bird never is jealous of others flight.

Life is beautiful and simple.A smile at some one's face may be price less.We may have cameras and recorder to freeze the moment,arrest the memories,but the sense of enjoying them are ineffable.

We are here to live our life happily,not to wear others spectacles,others life style.

I know that a smile can bring light into our life,a song can generate enthusiasm in our blood.A jhappi of MUNNA BHAI can make us FEEL GOOD.and probably thats the most important thing in our life

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I dont over react always.....

Well I always do believe...to justify your self is cowardice and people justify themselves, because they fear of their identity ...

Unfortunately I am also a human (probably with webs of sentiments and emotions woven throughout the mind and heart).So ,shamelessly have tried to defend myself of being sentimentally over-reactive in this blog.

Its not too long back.We had mishra family living in our neighbour.I was just 12 year old ,when heard of jubilation in their home.Mrs mishra got blessed with a son.Being a kid I always enjoyed being there at their home and play with their son.Mrs mishra also enjoyed her son being loved by all of us.The kid was smart , learnt faster and used to recognise every one in the neighbour hood soon.Although,Mrs mishra boasted this fact but strangely I saw her getting stirred,when the kid preferred other's lap over her lap.She was one of the most gracious lady I had ever seen,but I never understood the sentimental enigma.Rather my friends told me that I am immature to understand this.

I don't know whether I matured or not,But sadly I get disturbed similar for reasons many a times.To expect back for what you have done or what you feel about someone is not over reaction

Well ....you never would like your most beloved gifts to be touch by others,and even if you feel your hand might make it dirty,you would avoid touching it.Few relations are probably like those gifts only.To expect your gifts to reciprocate your feelings is kiddish..but sadly I am yet a kid...
Being convicted of vomiting my sentiments many times and that too with dramatic effect.It appalls me often.You ask people to be genuine ,natural and honest.But still are displeased to see the truth in him.Probably its the unreal flashy aspects which allures us more....

Probably I am very confused,possessive,emotional expect more bla bla bla...but this is what I am..yet fighting my self for someone..these abrupt ooze of feelings are just dirtiest part of my life..I have always tried to be honest at my relation and pursued what ever have liked anytime...but the immature and emotional ME have once again forced me to pen down these craps :( ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The lost culture

Everyone says.."You all are winning horses"..Horses have aversion to water so do we..

Surely,I don't suffer from hydrophobia..But the adage "boys in IIT's avoids taking bath" really inspired me as a driving factor to give JEE.

As much as I can remember..I avoided taking bath even when my mother used to scare me for taking bath.Soap solution in eye was my all time favourite excuse and I used to boast upon my smartness as a kid..I was quite emotional when I left home..but got more emotional to see my regular bathroom visitor batch mates (may be for different reasons)..

Golden days were soon over.Boys in so called "metallurgy mecca" have to be disciplines, neat, clean bla..bla..bla..I always waited for the winters to see at least few boys who still believed in philanthropy and saving water.luckily few of the seniors (akshay specially) still existed as the role models of "anti bath committee " team. Obviously like harry potter,I wont take the name of south indian voldemorts who excelled in not taking bath,but surely they gave me relief ...cultures do exist.

Fourth year arrived so soon..I couldn't have ever thought.But to my utter surprise the murmurs of not taking bath..keeping dirty rooms are really on peak.The oil combed sidha sadha bacchas are taking pride in calling them bad boys...I wont credit shahrukh and chak de (where showers of bad girls dialouge were there)..In the corridor of meta boys could be seen enjoying drizzles with chai and pakodas in their hand and happy to escape bathroom for one more day.

Probably boys have understood the mantra of life.."jab hum mitti ke hi bane hain toh nahane se bachna chahiye...warna ghul jayenge"


ashim dutta..tum log waise kitne din me nahate ho avg??
me: 2
ashim dutta: bas??
thats a shame
yahaan to atleast 5 ka avg hoga

Sunday, August 12, 2007

उलझे शब्द

Obscure trilogy....A wonderful game ending up in a brilliant poetic literature.me ,sachan AND MRIDUL tried to fire few spont words and had this poem....

kajal ki aankhe....
dhuen ki lalten...
bekar hanfta dil...
bezar khansta dil...
aankhein jhilmil,
sochein katil
chota sa pocket
lamba sa bil
kiska boodha chulha
bina mans ke kulha
dhanche bhar ki mitti
li sanso ne chutti....
bejan si ye mitti,
chahti hai chutti
reh jaati hai jhole me
rakh jaisi smriti
chabootre ka udhda gobar
haddi se jhadti si khal
ghoonghat se kuch laal laal pighalna
kuch safed sa najar aaya ??
safedi aatma ki ya sharir ki thi,
maine socha na saans bhi na li
jab peeche moodkar dekha
kuch ulajhti saans bas thi
sans ki lat....
seene par chipki si....
bebaat ki chat..
dewaar se chipti si
mombatti ujala deti thi...
mai jalta raha
sab chup chap they..
kisi ne na mujhse kuch kaha

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Well ! Placed....

Shahrukh khan in one of the best ever hindi movies ever quotes - "बडे बडे शहरों में छोटी छोटी बातें होती रहती है"...
But, the placements sequence over the last few days were not mere simple incidences or choti choti battein as we have been hearing for last three years, rather were life time moments for many of us.

It happened luckily/unluckily that I had to go through C programming books,but I found the analogies between C keywords and us to be obvious while going through them. Boys after applying the (while = = unemployed) were looping with infinite tensions for the malloc() function to allocate spaces in companies. soon, avoiding the complications of nested loops,we had exit() function that made us to safely come out of loops and execute us..

What made me the proud was the Robust friendship bond,that metallurgy boys displayed during those phases.The buzz word "STRING THEORY" was as much true for us as much is for the nuclear and atomic scientists.Every particle ,every relation and every moment of joy are really strings,joined together...

Those fascinating interview sequence with model throwing lights on jain dharm, raghav interviewing the interviewer..Shakti speaking his love stories ,and TPR's running all around were ecstatically over soon with odds and even woven in them.

I couldn't have ever imagined people greedy for getting bumps and kicks,but every one avidly anticipated to be rolled like football and were treated as per their wish.I any how managed to see my stamped back and got delighted/enlightened to see those blood strained finger marks...Thanks boys..even Varanasi police couldn't have treated me like that :) .

If the smoke made large railway engines run,we were the elite enough to adopt this brilliant philosophy.Every job was celebrated in the smoky ambiance of limitless suttas.. great metallurgists, finally we understood the efficient furnaces.

Manish with his fabulous fatte on Chai. Luxme kant with Infinite hole baniyan.. jackson with sticks thicker and healthier than him in his hands,makku with some pathetic excuses for avoiding kicks,Jigyashu still in frustrations,Khokha looking for some wafers..abuses all around..and obviously "the shrewed me" with deadly pranks.....

God....really "Those were the best days of my life"


लोहा, लक्कड़, ताला, चक्कर घिच-पिच कर के बैठा है बाहर से चमचम करता है दिल अंदर से ugly है मौसम, पानी, सात समंदर गलियों गलियों घूमा है...